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In addition to performing, Nathan is a video editor. For the past few years, he has made promotional material for organizations such as the Square Foot Theatre & Tavern of Wallingford, CT and the Trumbull Youth Association of Trumbull, CT. Below are a couple examples of his work.

Nathan also works on performer reels and short films. 

If you would like to hire Nathan to make a video for your production, please email him at

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A 1-Minute Promotional video to advertise the Trumbull Youth Association's 2021 Summer Production of MAMMA MIA!

Video Services: Video


This was a fan-made video the cast of Square Foot Theatre & Tavern's January 2021 production of The Spongebob Musical organized. The song "Secret to the Formula" is from the third Spongebob Movie, SPONGE ON THE RUN.

Video Services: Video


This video was posted on Facebook to help announce some summer events the Square Foot Theatre & Tavern was holding from July to September 2021. For more information, please visit

Video Services: Video
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