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Nathan Clift's ten-minute plays have been performed around the nation, starting with "Reunion" at Western Connecticut State University (dir. Amber Levine, November 2017). "Reunion" has been presented in 4 different versions since its inception. "What Can We Do?" and "Is This the Endzone" have also premiered in following years. In 2023, Nathan's murder mystery THE CAST WILL SCREAM! (originally produced at the Square Foot Theatre & Tavern in July 2021) was added to the Next Stage Press Catalogue. Nathan also is the founder of the Back at Home Project, an internet challenge for up and coming musical writers. 

Nathan's plays are available on New Play Exchange 

For information on THE CAST WILL SCREAM!, please click here.

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What is a Dramaturg/Dramaturge? What do they do?

Something Nathan was always an advocate for was diving way too deep into the historical accuracy of any production he was in (whether or not it was necessary was up for debate). He later found out that there was a calling for that kind of work: dramaturgy. While there are two types, the one Nathan has experience in is the adder of societal and historical context to the show. He has worked on a variety of productions, ranging from Disney's The Little Mermaid at his hometown teen theatre program to his university's production of Crazy for You. As the bridge between the show and the production (cast and designers), he has been a valuable asset to any production he works on. 

[Image is from his lobby display for Western Connecticut State University's April 2019 production of Crazy for You. Nathan received a Certificate of Meritt from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (Region 1) for his work on this production]

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This ten-minute play was created by Nathan Clift, Colin Gallaher, Liv Heaton, and David Jonikas in the Spring of 2019. Gallaher, Heaton, and Jonikas created the characters while Nathan wrote the script. The piece was performed at WCSU during the Spring 2019 Devised Theatre Class (with Sal Trapani as the professor). In the Fall of 2019, it was adapted for a performance at Western Connecticut State University
(directed by original cast member David Jonikas).


Instead of licensing fees, please donate to one of the following organizations:

  • ACLU

  • Marsha P. Johnson Institute 

  • The Matthew Shepard Foundation

  • The Stonewall Foundation

  • The Transgender District

  • The Alibi Lounge

An older copy of the full script can be found below. In order to produce an updated version of this play, you must contact me. 

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